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07770 836 457 Fenori CI (UK) Ltd

Prop Hire for TV, Film, Theatre, Events, Weddings & Public

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Welcome to our extensive collection of unique props available for Hire or Purchase!

Our inventory caters specifically to the needs of the TV, Film, Theatre, Events, Weddings & Public, offering a diverse range of items to elevate your production.

All of our items are available for hire or Purchase, ensuring you have access to the perfect props to bring your creative vision to life. From vintage pieces to modern accents.

We have curated an assortment that adds depth and authenticity to your storytelling.

We are also able to source a lot of items enabling us to offer a comprehensive solution for all your requirements in one place.

How to Hire / Purchase

To inquire about hiring any of our items for your project, please contact us with the following details:

— SKU Number: Specify the unique SKU number of the item you wish to Hire/Purchase.
— Duration: Let us know the duration you’ll need the item for.
— Pickup/Return: Will you be collecting and returning the item using your carrier, or would you like us to provide a quote for this service?

For terms, costs, and any additional information. Each item has a product/hire button you can use OR 

You can can contact us directly using: – Email:  Mobile: 07770 836 457

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your creative vision by providing the perfect props for your TV, Film, Theatre , Events , Wedding and for the General Public to hire or purchase

Contact us today to explore our collection and bring your story to life.

Shop for Purchase or HIRE

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