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Rochester Street Lights

There are actually two different sets of lights known as the Rochester Lights. The first set, which is no longer in existence, was created in 1935 by the Rochester Jaycees as a way to boost the local economy during the Great Depression. The lights consisted of 100 strings of Christmas lights that were strung up across the main streets of the city in New York. The lights were a huge success and they helped to attract visitors to Rochester, New York, USA during the holiday season.

The second set of lights, which are still in existence, were created in 2003 by the Medway Towns Development Corporation (MTDC) , Kent, England, as part of the regeneration of the city of Rochester. The lights were designed by the artist David Mach and consist of 100 illuminated metal sculptures that are suspended from the ceiling of the Urbis building. The sculptures are abstract shapes that are inspired by the natural forms of the surrounding environment, such as the River Medway and the chalk cliffs of the North Downs.

The Urbis Rochester Lights were originally intended to be a temporary installation, but they proved to be so popular with the public that they were made a permanent fixture in the city. The lights are now one of the most iconic landmarks in Rochester and they are a popular tourist destination.

In 2019, the Urbis Rochester Lights were temporarily removed from the Urbis building for refurbishment. The lights were returned to the building in 2020 and they are now brighter and more energy-efficient than ever before.

The Urbis Rochester Lights are a significant example of public art and they have played a major role in the regeneration of the city of Rochester. The lights are a source of pride for the local community and they attract visitors from all over the world.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between the two sets of Rochester Lights:

Feature1935 Rochester Lights2003 Urbis Rochester Lights
Date created19352003
DesignerRochester JayceesDavid Mach
LocationMain streets of RochesterUrbis building, Rochester
Number of lights100 strings of Christmas lights100 illuminated metal sculptures
Shape of lightsChristmas lightsAbstract shapes
Temporary or permanentTemporaryPermanent
Still in existenceNoYes

You don’t have to just admire Thes Rochester lights from afar. With have reclaimed a number of these original lights and they are available in original condition or can be upcycled and rewired, you can bring a touch of this timeless elegance to your own space. Imagine your home, patio, or driveway illuminated by the same classic British charm. As you step outside, you’re greeted by the soft, inviting glow that has graced the streets of Rochester.

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